sitelen tawa // DEMO

This dance is a "proof of concept" for the Movement that Writes system. The poem "ma mi" (My Land) is a Toki Pona original written by jan Kawa. The dance is a literal embodiment of each word in the poem. It expresses human greed, environmental destruction and the devastation of losing one's natural home.

tawa musi ni li pana e sona pi ken pi tawa sitelen. toki musi "ma mi" li tan jan Kawa li kepeken e toki pona taso. tawa ni li sitelen e nimi ale pi toki musi "ma mi". toki "ma mi" li toki e ijo pi wile mani ike, e ijo pi pakala ma, e ijo pi pilin ike tan pakala ni.

ijo li ken nasa // An original poem

This poem was written using the motion subset Thumb-fist and Circular, and grammatical particles. The translation provided is not exact.

ijo li ken nasa
li nasa e ken.
ken la nasa li ilo
li ken e pali ijo.
ken li pali e ijo la
nasa li ijo ken.

Some things can be chaotic,
Provoking possibilities.
Perhaps chaos is a tool
That enables pure creation.
Potential engenders physical objects -
Thus, chaos is the driver.

mi sitelen e toki musi ni kepeken nimi pi luka pini en tawa sike, en nimi lili insa.

Pig Farm // Tuning score nonsense prose

This nonsense prose comes from a tuning score exercise freely using circular motions. Grammatical particles were inserted after. The translation provided is not exact.

Once upon a time, pig ears were bought and sold out of laziness. Such laziness defined the terms used, and used up every pig hoof. Everything owes itself to pig hooves, and it is by the hooves of the pigs that all the supporting squeals rallied the mammalian nations together. For pigs are mammals. And lo, the hoofs and cries of the chieftain pig guided the revolution.

tenpo ijo la lipu soweli li esun tan lape. lape li nimi e nimi kepeken, li kepeken e luka ale. ale li ijo pi luka soweli. luka soweli la mu supa ale li kulupu e ma soweli. soweli li soweli. ijo pi soweli lawa li lawa e awen pi insa sin.

mi sitelen e toki nasa ni kepeken tawa sike. mi kepeken e nasin Tuninso li tawa nasa, li lukin e sitelen tawa. pini la mi pana e nimi lili insa.

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