Movement that Writes combines language and dance into a full-bodied system of meaning.

nasin pi tawa sitelen li wan e toki pona e tawa musi, li toki sijelo sin.

Movement that Writes is a system for expressing the 120-word Toki Pona language in the medium of dance. It draws its inspiration from various sources, including classical Indian dancing, the Toki Pona sign language and even J-pop. Movement that Writes is designed to be used for a range of choreographic styles. One can embed a sentence into a work, experiment with improvisation to find new ideas through the language, or even transcribe a song or story into physical motion.

This website offers the basic system as created by jan Mali for their 2019 Dance Creative Project, as well as some demonstrations of its use. It is open to interpretation and the dictionary is licensed under CC-BY.

nasin "tawa sitelen" li nasin toki pi tawa musi. mi kepeken e nasin pi tawa musi pi ma Palata, e nasin pi tawa musi pi ma Nijon, e toki pona luka, e nasin ante mute, tawa pali pi nasin ni. jan li ken kepeken e nasin pi tawa sitelen, tawa nasin ante mute pi tawa musi. tawa sitelen la jan li ken sitelen lon tawa musi ona, li ken toki e toki musi kepeken tawa, li ken tawa nasa tawa ni: ona li kama pilin e pilin sin.

lipu ni la nasin open pi tawa sitelen tan jan Mali, tawa pali ona pi tomo sona suli, pi tenpo sike #2019 li lon. sitelen tawa kin pi tawa sitelen li lon. nasin ni li pini ala. ante pi jan ante li ken. nasin lawa CC-BY li ken e kepeken pi lipu pi tawa ale.